About Us

Our mission is the vindication of the rights of individuals by making those responsible for causing harm accountable for their behavior. We have a history of representing both professional and non-professional employees as well as consumers.

If you are facing a difficult employment situation and believe your rights may have been violated contact us.

We have successfully represented clients in numerous cases in state and federal courts. A high point came in 2000 in an employment law case when the Washington State Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision in favor of a client, Dave Ellis, who was wrongfully discharged by the city of Seattle. This interesting case involved Dave’s concern as an employee for public safety which led to his refusal to disable the fire alarm system at the Key Arena during Sonics basketball games.

Dave was terminated by Seattle Center staff for insubordination. The Supreme Court decided that his public policy wrongful discharge claim against the city was valid and should proceed to trial. Shortly after the opinion was published, the case settled for nearly $300,000. The Ellis case was prosecuted at appeal in association with attorney Mitch Riese of Seattle. The opinion of Justice Talmadge, writing for the majority, is Ellis v. City of Seattle, 142 Wn.2d 450, 13 P.3d 1065 (2000).

More recently, on the consumer protection side of the law, we have filed a class action against Comcast involving claims for violation of a Washington state law prohibiting prerecorded commercial solicitations via telephone. The claim asserts that this company violated state law by using prerecorded messages to solicit customers. The case is in a stay in federal court in Seattle pending alternative dispute resolution through mediation. If you have received prerecorded telephone solicitations to your home, work or cell phone, we can help you make the annoying intrusions stop.

We also continue to actively represent employees in discrimination and wrongful discharge cases. If you have any questions please contact us.