Wells Fargo lawsuit based on spurious LOC charges SETTLED – Dish Network lawsuit SETTLED
Comcast WADAD violation lawsuit filed

In 2010 we filed against Comcast alleging thousands of separate violations of the Washington law which prohibits commercial solicitation via ADAD. An ADAD is essentially a computer used to automatically dial numerous telephone numbers and deliver an automated message. These are illegal when used to solicit.

This class action lawsuit was removed to federal court where Judge Lasnik stayed proceedings pending the appeal to the 9th Circuit of a very similar case. When that petition to review the trial court’s decision was declined by the appellate court our case was reactivated. We are presently in settlement discussions.

If you receive automated commercial solicitations of any kind please contact us. These annoying calls interrupt both businesses and individuals and are unlawful.


On October 8, 2008 Judge Lasnik approved the settlement negotiated by the parties and entered a Settlement Order and Final Judgment. The nationwide class is to receive a refund of the fees improperly taken along with interest. We believe this is an excellent result for the class on this annual fees case.

Our client was offered a personal line of credit (LOC) account in association with his Portfolio Management Account (PMA) checking account. Ordinarily these LOC accounts include an annual fee of $25.00 to $75.00. For those customers who had opened a PMA checking account the bank advertised and solicited customers to also open the LOC by offering to waive the $25 annual fee. Our client discovered that the bank improperly charged him the $25 fee anyway. Discovery revealed that this occurred to Wells Fargo customers across the nation.

With the Court’s final approval of the settlement the class will be reimbursed for the annual fees improperly taken. Contact us if you believe you have been improperly charged bank fees by Wells Fargo or any other banking institution.


Seattle’s KOMO News 4 on April 26, 2007 published a short but informative news story about our class action against Dish Network and its affiliates. You can view the story at:

The class action against Echostar Communications of Denver (Dish Network) has settled. Echostar has agreed to an Order of Injunctive Relief which will place certain requirements on retailers to prevent them from using ADAD calls to contact Washington consumers. On December 3, 2008 Judge Jones granted final approval of the settlement.

Please know that the retailers pitching Dish services were not parties to this case. Therefore, if you have received telephone solicitation at home or work with annoying prerecorded voice (automatic dialing and announcing device) phone calls soliciting Dish Network satellite services, your right to pursue the solicitor is preserved. Contact us. We may be able to help you recover $500 per call under Washington law. In the court’s discretion, the amount recovered may be trebled under the Consumer Protection Act.

Some people wonder whether class action lawsuits are anti-business. But where the illegal behavior continues unabated what are the consumer’s options? The class action allows the great mass of people affected by this obnoxious behavior to join together to seek relief. Only the weight of the thousands of individuals affected can create the pressure needed to force corporate wrongdoers to conform their solicitation practices to local laws.

Contact us if you have been subjected to these harassing calls.