Consumer Protection

With corporate expansion and a global marketplace, individual consumer rights are frequently disregarded where they conflict with an opportunity for big business to make a fast buck. This can result in a simple theft of time and accompanying headache for the consumer or an actual out of pocket loss. Fortunately there are many federal and state laws which were enacted to protect individual consumers from the unmitigated zeal of corporate interests.

If you or a loved one believe that your rights as a consumer have been abused, contact a capable attorney for an evaluation. Even where the actual monetary loss suffered is small, the law often provides for redress. Even without monetary loss, in the appropriate case, the violation may warrant filing a class action lawsuit.

Class actions are a useful tool to both enforce individual rights and change harmful corporate behavior. With so many industries now deregulated by government, class actions give the public a united voice that speaks with the strength of law and the power of numbers – a voice that cannot easily be disregarded. Contact us.