Disability Discrimination

Most employers are now aware that it is illegal to discriminate against an employee due to a disability. But many wonder, what is a disability? In Washington state, even temporary injuries can qualify as disabilities placing the employee under the protection of Washington’s Law Against Discrimination. Provided that the condition is medically cognizable, or medically recognized, it can qualify as a disability triggering protection under the law.

Furthermore, even if the employee does NOT have a disability, if the employer perceives the employee as having a disability and takes negative action towards that employee because of that erroneous perception, the employee will be protected as though an actual disability exits.

If you or a loved one have been mistreated by an employer due to an actual physical or mental condition which has been diagnosed by a physician, a viable legal claim may be available and damages may be awarded. If your employer believes that you are disabled and you suffer negative consequences you may also have a viable legal claim. Contact an attorney immediately to protect those rights as there are statutes of limitation applicable to all legal claims barring the right to pursue a claim. Contact us.