Employment Discrimination

We represent employees in cases of employer discrimination.

How do I know if I have an actionable claim?
If you are a member of a protected class such as female, minority, disabled, or over 40 years of age and the terms or conditions of your employment have been adversely affected due to your status as a member of one or more of these classes then you may have an actionable claim.

How do I know if the claim is worth anything?
Generally, an employee who was terminated wrongfully is entitled to damages for past and future wages as well as emotional distress. Typically jury awards for wage loss range from 1 year to 5 years. However, an employee has a duty to mitigate damages by actively seeking employment while off work, so keep good records.

What if I am still employed but things are getting bad?
The best way you can protect yourself is to document problems by putting them in writing. This might mean giving written notice to a supervisor and retaining a copy. It might mean keeping a diary or written log of the problems. Another good thing to do is to bring along a coworker as a witness when speaking with management. If you are a union member you may have a right under your bargaining agreement to have a representative at any disciplinary meetings.

Always try to document incidents by keeping a written record. These days an easy way to do that is with email.

These are examples and are not intended to be relied upon as legal advice. If you would like legal advice please feel free to contact us. We can review your case and let you know whether we believe you have an actionable claim.